Getting Started. Quick Start Guide

1 Bitcoin = 1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshis = ~1247.44 USD (
1,000 Satoshis = 0.00001 Bitcoin
1 USD = ~80164 Satoshis

  1. Create and open your Bitcoin wallet: Register purse Bitcoin and Dogecoin wallet .
    Note Be sure to save the notepad text file with all passwords, MIME - code ID and codes that provide site Blockchain and Dogechain, as well as a letter of registration system. These data will need to enter and withdraw funds.

  2. Sites for earnings Bitcoins and Dogecoins on page Rotator.
    Note If you enter captchas usually allowed to enter text in small letters without spaces or symbols (- , + ' ? ! etc..)

  3. After viewing sites to earn Bitcoins and Dogecoins come on micropayments services Microwallet and FaucetBox inscribe into the form (by copying - paste) your Bitcoin wallet to adjust payments. Automatic registration. Many sites work in a system of micropayments Microwallet and FaucetBox.

  4. To Bitcoin exchange on any other currency (dollars, euros, etc.) sufficient to use the service Bestchange. The most favorable exchange rate.

Bitcoin (bit - a unit of information «bit», coin - «coin») - is fundamentally different from other e-currency, established in 2009. Exchange is possible in almost any online - exchanger.